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Norves a'gas dynergh

Welcome to Norves, a place where we imagine, inspire and innovate. Three words that not only drive our decision making, but also are the very backbone of what we do. We imagine a future where everyone can view the latest entertainment, have access to the best educational resources and is free to make their next step without technology hindering them. We inspire the next generation of creators to dream big, have ambition and drive and most importantly our team to deliver the best service they can. To do all of this, we innovate to deliver on our ambitions and to realise our potential. A world forever innovating, a world forever inspiring, a world forever imagining - the world of Norves.

Responsible, Sustainable, Dependable

Our Green by 2025 manifesto sets out exactly how we want to run our business. A business that not only makes money, but also invests in the communities we serve. The five pillars of our manifesto are being carbon neutral, using 100% renewable energy, being charitable and friendly, providing amazing customer service and inspiring the next generation. We believe that by utilising our small size, we can be nimble and adapt to changes quickly, allowing us to set up our business in a way that isn't just profitable, but also caring.

What will you Cre8?

In 2011, Cre8agame was set up as our first product, a simple learning environment for primary school students. We've gone through many names and logos until we found our look. Starting out as Cre8agame Group, then Kernow Group, SaltLake Innovations and finally norves, we're proud that we've come so far in so little time.